Water Flosser is Great for Kids Teeth

For decades, dental floss has been an essential but annoying and sometimes painful part of oral hygiene. The team at Ginsey Home Solutions has finally come forward with a better solution…the ProFloss® Water Flosser! The ProFloss® Water Flosser is great for kids teeth. It’s simple to set up and use, requires no batteries or electricity, and it’s an easier, more thorough way to floss after brushing. All for a one time purchase of just $19.99 at most retail stores or online through Ginsey Home Solutions.

If it’s tough to get kids to brush their teeth regularly, it’s probably even more difficult to get the little one to floss too…especially when flossing can be painful or difficult. For children with braces, flossing is more necessary but much trickier. With the ProFloss® Water Flosser, cleaning out debris and bacteria from your little one’s teeth and bringing out a healthy smile is so much easier.

The ProFloss® Water Flosser is easy as can be to use…remove your existing faucet aerator, insert the ProFloss® aerator once, insert the ProFloss pick into the handle when needed, and select any of four water flow options. Once you’re finished, just re-attach the hose to the aerator and turn on the water to rinse away food particles. Detach the hose, remove the water pick and you’re done! And afterwards, the Water Flosser requires no counter space…simply store it in a zipper pouch in a drawer or cabinet.

People of any age can use the ProFloss® Water Flosser as an easier, more convenient way to floss, but the Water Flosser is great for kids teeth especially. It’s ready to use anytime, easy to store, and requires no batteries or reservoir refills. Help make oral hygiene easier and more fun for the kids…click here to order the ProFloss® Water Flosser today from Ginsey Home Solutions!