Toilet Paper Saver for Kids Potty

As a parent or a pet owner, you’ve probably dealt with the mess and waste of a big pile of toilet paper on the bathroom floor…or worse, a clogged toilet from excess paper in the bowl. That’s why Ginsey Home Solutions offers the Toilet Paper Saver For Kids Potty handle. Save yourself the time of unnecessary trips to the store for more tissue, and the trouble of cleaning up the jumbled mess of toilet paper, with this simple gadget that costs just $1.99.

The Toilet Paper Saver For Kids Potty handle is simple enough for parents to use, but not so simple for children or pets to figure out. It’s easy to install and requires no assembly, it allows for metered use to dispense the same amount of paper each time, and it’s a great addition for potty training.

Your child will develop a habit of taking a certain amount of tissue, and your rolls will last longer, not to mention that you’ll have much less risk of a backed up toilet from excessive paper. Each $1.99 Toilet Paper Saver For Kids Potty package includes two toilet paper holders for multiple bathrooms.

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