Tinkle Targets Cut Down On Messes

Tinkle Targets Cut Down On Messes

The business of potty training can be messy enough, even when your child reaches the point of knowing what to do. Tinkle targets cut down on messes, by giving your child a reason to improve his aim! The Ginsey Home Solutions set of tinkle targets includes two packages, with 15 targets in each package full of colorful pictures of racecars, trucks, rockets and more!

At KidsPottySeats.com, we’re well aware of the difficulties that you as a parent experience with potty training, and it can be particularly difficult with young boys who are going through their “independent” stage and resisting parental instruction. We offer a full line of products to make life easier for you, and to make the experience of potty training fun and rewarding for your child.

Our tinkle targets are an excellent potty training aid, because they make the business of going to the potty something your child looks forward to. They are flushable, so once they’re easily placed into the potty, your work as a parent is done. With a total of 30 targets in each package, you can arrange rewards for your child and choose from a mixed variety of tinkle targets. All at a very low price!

Tinkle targets are one of the many solutions we offer to help parents with the challenges of potty training. Our tinkle targets cut down on messes, and they encourage your child to improve his skills going to the potty. For more potty training solutions including seats, step stools, flush handles and rewards stickers, check out our selection here!

The KidsPottySeats.com package of tinkle targets is available online or at any of our fine retail outlets. Order your inexpensive set today and make the potty training experience more exciting and fun for you and your child. At Ginsey Home Solutions, we turn fashion into function!