Tinkle Targets For Boys

Tinkle Targets For BoysWith potty training being the challenge it is for parents, it always makes things easier to make it fun and encouraging for the child, and without messy accessories. What better way to introduce potty training to your young man than by making it fun? With the Tinkle Targets For Boys from Ginsey Home Solutions, your little man can look forward to an adventure with every trip to the bathroom!

The Ginsey Tinkle Targets For Boys include two packages, each with 15 targets…with images of racecars, trucks and other objects to make the little guy’s potty training a blast. Without thinking, he’ll learn how to take care of his business without making a mess. Tinkle Targets For Boys are an easily flushable potty training aid, with a mixed variety assortment of images, and you can order a set of two packages for the very low price of just $4.99.

It’s just one of the many outstanding and helpful potty training aids that come from Ginsey Home Solutions. We sell a wide variety of quality potty training accessories, from potty seats to step stools to flush handles, all decorated with colorful images of your child’s favorite cartoon characters from Disney, Sesame Street, and much more.

All of our potty training items are made with the highest quality and at an affordable price. In addition to our Tinkle Targets For Boys, click here to see more of our potty training accessories and find your child’s favorite characters on them!

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