Santa Claus Toilet Rug

Santa Claus Toilet RugIf you’re a savvy shopper, you know that the few weeks after Christmas is the ideal time to shop for holiday-related items…like this festive Santa Claus toilet rug! This item is currently on sale at 50% off its already low price, and you’ll have it ready to add to your decorations next Christmas 11 months from now.

Holiday décor is one of the many things that make the Christmas season special…the lights, the tree, and the decorations throughout the home surround the family with excitement and good cheer. Children especially love the sight of their favorite holiday figure everywhere…it’s part of the youthful joy that’s just as exciting for parents as it is for the little ones.

The Santa Claus toilet rug is a great and inexpensive way to add Christmas spirit in the home. It’s especially helpful for those kids that are in the potty training years…the jolly sight of Santa and the coming of Christmas gives them something to get excited about while sitting on the potty learning the technique.

At, a division of Ginsey Home Solutions, we turn fashion into function and offer products that lend parents a hand at an affordable price. With the Santa Claus toilet rug now available at 50% off its original price, it’s just one more helpful piece of the home décor puzzle that creates a festive and joyous atmosphere in your home.

Again, smart shoppers like you know that now is the time to invest in your holiday decorations. Add the Santa Claus toilet rug from Ginsey Home Solutions to your shopping list today, and have it for the next family Christmas in your home.

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