Playtex Transitions Step Stool

Playtex Transitions Step Stool

The two-step Playtex Transitions Step Stool, available from Ginsey Home Solutions, is the ideal step stool for young toddlers…whether they’re “helping” in the kitchen, perching onto the toilet or reaching the faucet to wash their hands or brush their teeth.

At Ginsey Home Solutions, we understand that parents want to keep children safe while teaching them independence and growth. That’s why we offer durable products that are built with necessary safety features. The Playtex Transitions Step Stool is constructed with strong materials to handle the weight of any toddler, so your little one will be safe for as long as they need it.

This stool also features a non-slip rubber footing surface, which allows your child to stay planted while using the sink or toilet. Kids can often be careless, especially when they’re in a hurry as they can be when it’s time to “go”. The textured non-slip surface helps you rest easier as a parent. It’s also lightweight enough to move any place in the home where your child needs a boost. From the bathroom to the kitchen or even just to help the little one climb into bed, this step stool is always available.

The Playtex Transitions Step Stool is available in a variety of colors: blue, green, pink or grey; and you can order it directly from this website for the low price of just $17.99. Order one today and help your child take new steps towards being a grownup!

At Ginsey Home Solutions, we offer a wide selection of home products for parents of young children, including step stools, potty seats, safety bathtubs and more. Our products make potty training and other learning easier for both parents and children. Click here to see more of our potty training products, including accessories featuring your child’s favorite Disney and Sesame Street characters. At Ginsey, we turn fashion into function!