Baby & Toddler Bathing Products

Baby & Toddler Bathing Products

Baby & Toddler Bathing Products

As a parent, you can always use home accessories that make things easier. This is especially true while bathing babies and toddlers, where shower heads designed for adults can be cumbersome to use with an energetic young child. If you’re searching for quality baby & toddler bathing products, have a look at our Rinse Ace® line of home & bath solutions. Rinse Ace® offers a complete selection of helpful products that make bath time easier for you and more fun for your child.

For your newborn or young baby, Rinse Ace® offers the Deluxe Sink Baby Rinser. This rinser tool connects to your sink faucet, and allows you to bathe your little one easily in a sink, and avoid the uncomfortable crouching while bathing an infant in the bathtub. You can replace the current aerator in your faucet with our patented aerator, and quickly connect the removable hose anytime. The Deluxe Sink Baby Rinser helps you rinse your baby using clean, warm water, with three spray patterns at your fingertips.

Once it’s time to move your toddler to the bathtub, try the Rinse Ace® Tub & Shower Baby & Toddler Rinser. Just install the power connector to your shower head one time, and connect the extra-long hose and sprayer at bath time. The Rinse Ace® Tub & Shower Baby & Toddler Rinser is much safer than the typical hand-held shower, and you’ll be able to rinse your growing little one without the rinse cups and tears that go with hair rinsing.

Click here for a list of stores where you can find our baby & toddler bathing products. If you’d like to see more home & bath solutions, have a look here at the Rinse Ace® line of products. It’s just one of the many helpful products we offer at Ginsey Home Solutions. At Ginsey, we turn fashion into function!

The Best Potty Seat For Potty Training

The Best Potty Seat For Potty TrainingAs a parent, you know that potty training can be a challenge and an exercise in patience. You can use anything that helps, including the best potty seat for potty training.

At, we offer solid, well-designed potty seats that will make your child look forward to their next potty training session…our seats and accessories are decorated with your child’s favorite Disney, Nickelodeon, or Sesame Street characters. Click here to see our selection of potty seats for your little one…you can make going to the potty an adventure your child will look forward to!

Your child can choose from potty seats decorated with their favorite TV characters, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dora The Explorer, Bubble Guppies, or a number of Disney characters from Mickey and Minnie to princesses like Sofia The First. The kids will love their colorful design, and you’ll love their durability and flexibility.

You can also choose from soft potty seats and collapsible travel seats, so that you’re always prepared whether at home or traveling with the kids. Our soft potty seats are easy as can be to clean and the handles make for easy transport, and our collapsible seats are built for convenience, easily fitting into a diaper bag or tote. doesn’t just offer colorful and fun potty seats…we offer a wide range of cartoon-themed accessories too…like toilet flush handles, travel potty accessories and reward stickers. Want to stock up on potty training seats and accessories and save on our already low prices? Click here to like us on Facebook and receive 15% off of your next order!

The best potty seat for potty training is one that gets your little one excited about their next adventure on the potty. Check out our large selection of potty seats from Ginsey Home Solutions and choose one with your child’s favorite character. At Ginsey, we turn fashion into function.

Playtex Transitions Step Stool

Playtex Transitions Step Stool

The two-step Playtex Transitions Step Stool, available from Ginsey Home Solutions, is the ideal step stool for young toddlers…whether they’re “helping” in the kitchen, perching onto the toilet or reaching the faucet to wash their hands or brush their teeth.

At Ginsey Home Solutions, we understand that parents want to keep children safe while teaching them independence and growth. That’s why we offer durable products that are built with necessary safety features. The Playtex Transitions Step Stool is constructed with strong materials to handle the weight of any toddler, so your little one will be safe for as long as they need it.

This stool also features a non-slip rubber footing surface, which allows your child to stay planted while using the sink or toilet. Kids can often be careless, especially when they’re in a hurry as they can be when it’s time to “go”. The textured non-slip surface helps you rest easier as a parent. It’s also lightweight enough to move any place in the home where your child needs a boost. From the bathroom to the kitchen or even just to help the little one climb into bed, this step stool is always available.

The Playtex Transitions Step Stool is available in a variety of colors: blue, green, pink or grey; and you can order it directly from this website for the low price of just $17.99. Order one today and help your child take new steps towards being a grownup!

At Ginsey Home Solutions, we offer a wide selection of home products for parents of young children, including step stools, potty seats, safety bathtubs and more. Our products make potty training and other learning easier for both parents and children. Click here to see more of our potty training products, including accessories featuring your child’s favorite Disney and Sesame Street characters. At Ginsey, we turn fashion into function!

Potty Training Tips

Potty Training Tips

Potty Training Tips

Looking for some potty training tips? Potty training can be mysterious and frustrating, especially for new parents. Here are a few potty training tips for parents teaching little ones to go on their own.

Your first question is probably “when do I start potty training?” Many parents will tell you “when they’re ready.” Here are some clues for you to look for: your child may let you know they need a diaper changed, or they may make having a bowel movement obvious. A child may also be simply more understanding of what you tell them, when it comes to things like putting toys away or putting on clothing. Or your child may show curiosity about using a toilet and want to watch others do it.

Once that time comes, the key for parents is patience. Your child isn’t likely to pick up the technique right away…it can often take close to a year at times. Have older siblings or cousins teach your child how to use the potty and offer for them to try it. When they do, show appreciation by getting excited and congratulating them. It’s a good idea to have a small potty and a seat insert for the adult toilet, so the child can feel like a grownup.

When the child successfully goes, be sure to reward them! Have a set of potty training stickers that make the child want to collect them all. And remember that there are going to be mishaps, so try to be patient with your child and know that they’ll master the technique soon. Set the routine based on when you think your child most often has to go, and let them know in advance when potty time is about to happen.

It takes time and patience. Just know that you’ll get there!

Thanks for reading our potty training tips! Keep in mind that Ginsey Home solutions has all sorts of potty training products available to assist you, including soft potty seats, step stools, travel potty seats and potty rewards stickers, all decorated with your child’s favorite cartoon characters. Click here to see more!

Water Flosser is Great for Kids Teeth

For decades, dental floss has been an essential but annoying and sometimes painful part of oral hygiene. The team at Ginsey Home Solutions has finally come forward with a better solution…the ProFloss® Water Flosser! The ProFloss® Water Flosser is great for kids teeth. It’s simple to set up and use, requires no batteries or electricity, and it’s an easier, more thorough way to floss after brushing. All for a one time purchase of just $19.99 at most retail stores or online through Ginsey Home Solutions.

If it’s tough to get kids to brush their teeth regularly, it’s probably even more difficult to get the little one to floss too…especially when flossing can be painful or difficult. For children with braces, flossing is more necessary but much trickier. With the ProFloss® Water Flosser, cleaning out debris and bacteria from your little one’s teeth and bringing out a healthy smile is so much easier.

The ProFloss® Water Flosser is easy as can be to use…remove your existing faucet aerator, insert the ProFloss® aerator once, insert the ProFloss pick into the handle when needed, and select any of four water flow options. Once you’re finished, just re-attach the hose to the aerator and turn on the water to rinse away food particles. Detach the hose, remove the water pick and you’re done! And afterwards, the Water Flosser requires no counter space…simply store it in a zipper pouch in a drawer or cabinet.

People of any age can use the ProFloss® Water Flosser as an easier, more convenient way to floss, but the Water Flosser is great for kids teeth especially. It’s ready to use anytime, easy to store, and requires no batteries or reservoir refills. Help make oral hygiene easier and more fun for the kids…click here to order the ProFloss® Water Flosser today from Ginsey Home Solutions!