Cars Inflatable Safety Tub

Cars Inflatable Safety Tub

Cars Inflatable Safety Tub

If your little one loved the hero Lightning McQueen and the popular Disney/Pixar movie Cars, they’ll love bath time with the Cars Inflatable Safety Tub! You and baby can have a fun, worry-free bath time with this inflatable tub equipped with all of the bathing basics. The Cars Inflatable Safety tub is made of a soft cushion material that your baby can sit comfortably in, and features a back piece that provides additional support to assist you while washing your baby.

This colorfully decorated tub is from Ginsey Home Solutions, the Winner of the 2011 Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center. The tub contains several safety features, including a water temperature display and large storage pockets, so you won’t have to take your eyes off of your excitable baby while fumbling for soap and washcloths.

Once your baby is finished with bath time, it’s easy to air dry the tub with the included suction cup. The Cars Inflatable Safety Tub is easily deflated and can be carried along on family trips. (Please note that The Cars Inflatable Safety Tub is not to be used as a flotation device.)

Best of all, this convenient, baby-friendly inflatable tub comes at the affordable price of just $18.99!

For over 65 years now, Ginsey Home Solutions has been manufacturing home accessories that turn fashion into function. We make licensed products with themes from your child’s favorite movies and television shows, including Disney/Pixar, Sesame Street and much more…all designed to make your child’s bath and potty times more fun for them and easier and safer for you.

Click here to see more from our fine selection of Cars-themed bathroom accessories for kids, including step stools and safety-oriented bath mats…your little Lightning McQueen fan will love the Cars-decorated bathroom!

For questions about this product or other Ginsey Home Solutions products, call us at 800-257-7844 or e-mail us at

Kids Bamboo Toilet Step

Kids Bamboo Toilet Step

Kids Bamboo Toilet Step

At, we understand parents’ needs for helping their children grow with potty training and other tasks, as well as your concern for protecting the environment. That’s why we build products with durable environmentally friendly materials that are made to last and are attractive to the eye. The Ginsey Home Solutions step stool is the ideal eco-friendly kids bamboo toilet step to help your little one climb onto the potty or reach the sink to wash their hands.

The Growing Up Green Bamboo Wood Step Stool features a variety of advantages you’ll love:

This revolutionary new eco-friendly step stool is manufactured from pesticide-free and sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is a natural resource that grows more quickly than hardwood trees. This kids bamboo toilet step is easy to clean, more water resistant than most wooden products, and its sustainability helps reduce your carbon footprint.

It is designed with a textured, non-slip surface, making it safer for a child to stand on with less concern for slippage and help prevent unnecessary boo-boos. You know how careless kids can be, especially when they’re in a hurry to do something, as they often are when it’s “go” time. The non-slip surface helps you rest a little easier.

The Growing Up Green Bamboo Wood Step Stool is 14 inches long and 9 inches wide, with a 7-inch height, making it the perfect size for your climbing toddler. And it can hold as much as 200 lbs., so your child will be safe on the eco-friendly kids bamboo toilet step until it’s no longer needed.

At owned by Ginsey Industries, we are committed to the best quality potty training kits and accessories. We offer all sorts of potty training products, from seats to toilet handles, all designed to make potty training easier for you and fun for your child. Ginsey has been manufacturing home accessories and furnishings since 1952…we turn fashion into function!

Kids Potty Training Kits

Kids Potty Training KitsAs a parent with a potty training child, you’re probably very aware of the need for easily transported and discreet kids potty training kits. Children that are still in the learning stages of potty training can be very unpredictable in their “go” times, and taking them anyplace requires that a parent be ready with a quick solution when needed…that is also sturdy, sanitary and easy to carry.

At, we know that making training tasks fun makes them easier for kids to learn. That’s why our potty training accessories are adorned with and play sounds from your child’s favorite cartoon and puppet characters, in addition to being built with sturdy and lightweight materials.

Our Sesame Street kids potty training kit includes:

  • A four piece set with a step stool, folding potty with a cushion, and two reward kits.
  • A comfortable plush cushion designed for comfort, enabling the potty to fold into a diaper bag or tote for easy transport, with a travel bag to help keep it clean and sanitary.
  • A step stool that plays encouraging sounds to assist the child in his or her hygiene routine. is a Ginsey Industries owned website dedicated to the highest quality in kids potty training kits and potty training accessories. We offer all types of products for potty training needs, from seats to trainers and step stools and toilet handles, all designed to make potty training a fun experience for your child and easier for you!

Since 1952, Ginsey Home Solutions has been manufacturing home furnishings and accessories that turn fashion into function. We offer licensed products that feature your child’s favorite television and movie characters from Disney, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon and much more.

The Sesame Street Deluxe Potty Training Kit is available now at the reduced price of $29.99, a 25% discount…this offer is for a limited time, so be sure to order yours today!

Disney Princess Toilet Flush Handle

Your little princess will love using the Disney Princess toilet flush handle from Ginsey Home Solutions, the leader in kids’ potty training solutions. This beautifully and functionally designed handle is in the shape of a castle, with pictures of several of the princesses featured in Disney’s all-time classic stories.

The Disney Princess toilet flush handle plays encouraging sounds when used properly, teaching your little one how to use the potty by including a reminder of her favorite Princess fairy tales. Before long, your little one will make a habit of flushing without even having to remember to do it.

The Disney Princess toilet flush handle easily adapts to an existing adult toilet handle with the included adhesive, and it becomes an easy-to-use and colorful new toilet handle. It’s also purposely shaped and adapted to be easily used by your little one’s smaller hands. This perfectly affordable gadget is durable enough to function well after your child is potty trained…you can leave the Disney Princess toilet flush handle attached until it’s the next child’s turn to learn!

This product requires a 3-volt CR2032 battery (which is included), a common cell/watch battery available in most any department store if a replacement is needed.

The Disney Princess toilet flush handle is only available from Ginsey Home Solutions. offers the best and most fun kids’ bathroom accessories: potty seats, potty training rings, step stools and toilet handles for your kids’ potty training needs. Have a look at our entire line of toilet accessories featuring all of your children’s favorite cartoon characters, including our full line of Disney character seats and stools. Make going potty an adventure that your child looks forward to! is owned by Ginsey Industries, a manufacturer of home furnishings and accessories since 1952. At Ginsey, we turn fashion into function.

Playtex Kids Potty Training Ring

Playtex Kids Potty Training Ring

Playtex Kids Potty Training Ring

The Playtex kids potty training ring is available only from Ginsey Home Solutions, the leader in potty training solutions.  We also have potty training seats that feature your children’s favorite characters. Visit our website to learn all about the Playtex kids potty training ring.

As a contoured and comfortable potty training aid, the Playtex Safe Start Potty Ring is a simple and practical potty accessory that fits directly on nearly any adult toilet seat. Each ring is lightweight and sturdy and features soft grips along its base to help keep seat in place.

The Very Popular Playtex Kids Potty Training Ring

This quality product also includes a built-in hanging loop for easy storage. The Playtex kids potty training ring, exclusively marketed by Ginsey Home Solutions, offers a supportive foam seat that quickly adapts to the adult toilet during potty training and there are soft contours that cradle your child in caring softness. Another key accoutrement is the built-in splash guard for little guys; this is a standard attachment on the soft-touch Playtex kids potty training ring.

Three common signs to look for that your child is ready for potty training are: 1) Your little one tells you when they have need a diaper change, 2) he or she makes it obvious that a bowel movement is occurring, and 3) He or she understands common potty words such as: wet, dry, clean, wash, sit, go, dirty, etc.

If  you want to purchase a Playtex kids potty training ring, you can only get them from Ginsey Home Solutions. We offer quite a few potty training solutions and our huge selection of potty training seats will assist you in placing one of our best potty seats for kids on every floor of your house. We are the nation’s foremost producer of kids’ potty seats and potty training accessories.