Entire Potty Training Kits

Entire Potty Training KitsParents can use any help they can get with the challenges of potty training, from portable items to step stools and more. At Kids Potty Seats, we offer entire potty training kits – with several accessories that make the business of potty training easier, all colorfully designed with your toddler’s favorite cartoon characters.

The Sesame Street Framed Friends Deluxe Potty Set is one of our featured potty training kits, and is available today at our special price! All of the pieces are decorated with the favorite characters from one of the longest running and most popular children’s show of all time. Every time your child goes to the potty, they’ll get to see Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Oscar, Elmo, Grover and the rest of their favorite characters.

Our licensed entire potty training kits help little ones look forward to doing their business, and they make life easier for you as a parent too. The Sesame Street Framed Friends Deluxe Potty Set includes:

  • A portable warm and cushy soft potty seat with a removable cushion, making cleanup and transport easy as 1-2-3 for parents
  • A universal size hanging hook to store potty seats without adding to clutter
  • A lightweight and durable stool with a non-slip surface and skid-resistant rubber footing, to help your child with getting onto the toilet, reaching the faucet, or helping out in the kitchen
  • A foldable, easily stored potty seat for travel anywhere with your child, whether it’s going for groceries, going to see Grandma, or taking a road trip on vacation

Our entire potty training kits enable you to have everything you need for the potty training process, both at home and elsewhere, and are available today at a great price. If your young one is a Sesame Street fan, order the Sesame Street Framed Friends Deluxe Potty Set today, or find it at any of our nationwide retailers. At Ginsey Home Solutions, we turn fashion into function!