Disney Princess Toilet Flush Handle

Your little princess will love using the Disney Princess toilet flush handle from Ginsey Home Solutions, the leader in kids’ potty training solutions. This beautifully and functionally designed handle is in the shape of a castle, with pictures of several of the princesses featured in Disney’s all-time classic stories.

The Disney Princess toilet flush handle plays encouraging sounds when used properly, teaching your little one how to use the potty by including a reminder of her favorite Princess fairy tales. Before long, your little one will make a habit of flushing without even having to remember to do it.

The Disney Princess toilet flush handle easily adapts to an existing adult toilet handle with the included adhesive, and it becomes an easy-to-use and colorful new toilet handle. It’s also purposely shaped and adapted to be easily used by your little one’s smaller hands. This perfectly affordable gadget is durable enough to function well after your child is potty trained…you can leave the Disney Princess toilet flush handle attached until it’s the next child’s turn to learn!

This product requires a 3-volt CR2032 battery (which is included), a common cell/watch battery available in most any department store if a replacement is needed.

The Disney Princess toilet flush handle is only available from Ginsey Home Solutions. KidsPottySeats.com offers the best and most fun kids’ bathroom accessories: potty seats, potty training rings, step stools and toilet handles for your kids’ potty training needs. Have a look at our entire line of toilet accessories featuring all of your children’s favorite cartoon characters, including our full line of Disney character seats and stools. Make going potty an adventure that your child looks forward to!

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