Disney Cars Toilet Handle

Disney Cars Toilet Handle

Disney Cars Toilet Handle

Disney Cars toilet handle for Ginsey potty seats are available only from Ginsey Home Solutions, the leader in potty training solutions.  We have the best in accessories for potty training seats that feature your children’s favorite characters. You must see our full line of the best potty seats for kids.

This clever device helps little hands adapt to an adult toilet handle and is equipped with adhesive to attach to your existing toilet tank handle.  The Disney Cars toilet handle plays motion-activated sounds as your child successfully flushes toilet; the sounds encourage her or him to continue participating in the potty training process.

Get A Disney Cars Toilet Handle to Accessorize Your Ginsey Potty Seats

The Disney Cars toilet handle requires a 3-volt CR-2032 – a common button cell/watch battery (included). Extended usage of the product after your child’s training period ends as an enjoyable bathroom enhancement adds value to purchase.

When you need Disney Cars toilet handle for Ginsey potty seats, you can only get them from Ginsey Home Solutions. They offer many potty training solutions and their huge selection of potty training seats and Disney Cars toilet handle will help you in placing one of our best potty seats for kids one of the more helpful kids potty solutions to be having a potty seat on floors of your house that your child frequents most and near rooms they are in most often.

When you match up your Ginsey potty seats with such accessories as a Disney Cars toilet handle, a Disney Princess potty hook, and Sesame Street potty rewards, your young toilet trainees will look forward to their next trip to the bathroom.

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