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Folding Potty Seats

Potty Training Ring

Potty Training Ring

Potty Training Ring

The potty training ring is available only from Ginsey Home Solutions, the leader in potty training solutions.  We also have potty training seats that feature your children’s favorite characters. Visit our website at to see our full line of the best potty seats for kids.

The Graco-brand potty training ring, exclusively marketed by Ginsey Home Solutions, offers a supportive foam seat that quickly adapts to the adult toilet during potty training, and has soft contours that cradle your child. You’ll also find a built-in splash guard as a standard attachment on the soft-touch potty training ring.

Our Potty Training Ring Gives You Potty Solutions

If you want to purchase a potty training ring, you can only get them from Ginsey Home Solutions. We offer quite a few potty training solutions and their huge selection of potty training seats will assist you in placing one of our best potty seats for kids on every floor of your house.

Those who buy Potty training ring might also be interested in potty seats that feature such beloved characters as Spiderman, Disney Princesses and the characters from Sesame Street. When you need potty training seats to help you create potty training solutions, buy the best potty seats for kids from Ginsey Home Solutions.

Did you know that our kids’ potty training seats from Ginsey Home Solutions feature all the Disney characters your kids love!  The potty training seats in our line of Disney potty training seats for kids feature Mickey and Minnie among other classic favorites.

We are the nation’s foremost producer of kids’ potty seats and potty training accessories. Founded in 1952, Ginsey is a manufacturer and distributor of pet, juvenile and adult home furnishings & accessories that turns fashion into function.

We are focused on the interpretation of practical everyday home products with a blend of style. We are proud to represent some of the biggest names in children’s products.  Ginsey represents renowned licenses such as Nickelodeon, Rubbermaid and Graco.

Folding Potty Seats for Kids

Folding potty seats for kids can be found at the Ginsey Home Solutions website at  These travel seats that fold up offer you a variety of helpful potty training solutions.

These folding potty seats for kids can be purchased at from Ginsey Home Solutions.  With potty seats that fold up, you can create many helpful potty training solutions for you and your child.

Your folding potty seats for kids can be used at home or on the road.  Potty seats that fold up are a key component as you look for helpful potty training solutions.  Go to – the official website of Ginsey Home Solutions – for such potty training tips as: “More than one bathroom means more than one potty” and “Two floors in your house means one potty per floor.”

Kid’s Potty Seats

potty-train-girlWe are proud to announce the launch of This Website is dedicated to information related to kid’s potty seats and potty training accessories. The site is brand new so stay tuned, more information is coming soon. This site will be addressing all of your questions and concerns related to:

As the leading manufacturer of potty seats for kids we know a thing or two about what designs are the most popular. As parents of kids ourselves we know even more about what potty seats work best to potty train your children. Be sure to check back often as we will be updating this site frequently.