Arm & Hammer Laundry Balls

Arm & Hammer Laundry BallsKeep any clothes storage space in your home odor-free with Arm & Hammer laundry balls … get yourself this inexpensive 10-pack of official Arm & Hammer Deodorizer Odor Busterz™ from Ginsey Home Solutions! With this inexpensive set of laundry balls, you can keep every room in the house smelling fresh with Clean Burst, the Arm & Hammer proprietary scent.

With families especially, laundry piles up…in laundry rooms, hampers, gym bags and other places. It’s difficult to stay on top of it all, and as a result dirty laundry can cause odors you’d prefer not have in your home. In addition, of course you want to keep the clothes in your closet, travel bags, or lockers from picking up and spreading odors from sweat or dirt.

With the Arm & Hammer Deodorizer Odor Busterz™ 10-pack, you needn’t worry about odors from laundry in your home. These highly effective laundry balls are made with odor-eliminating baking soda and Arm & Hammer’s Clean Burst fresh scent. Arm & Hammer Deodorizer Odor Busterz™ take the same principle of odor elimination you’re trusted in your refrigerator for years, and into every other room of your home.

Arm & Hammer Deodorizer Odor Busterz™ are 2” * 1.5” by 2” uniquely perforated laundry balls designed for easy placement anywhere, and eliminate odors for as long as 60 days. They are ideal for placement anywhere, from closets and hampers to travel bags and car trunks, and they work for shoes, athletic gear, lockers and much more.

Best of all, they’re available at a very affordable price from Ginsey Home Solutions, and one set of Arm & Hammer laundry balls will keep all of your home and laundry spots odor-free and fresh for up to two months. Go with the Arm & Hammer name that Americans have trusted for generations…order your set of Arm & Hammer Deodorizer Odor Busterz™ today!

Paw Patrol Bath Toys

Paw Patrol Bath Toys

Paw Patrol Bath Toys

If your toddler is a fan of Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol, they’ll love our set of Paw Patrol Bath Toys! The licensed Paw Patrol Bath Set from Kids Potty Seats is a great and affordable way to make bath time a fun time, and it’s also easy to store and safe for children.

The Paw Patrol Bath Set is a 9-piece set featuring characters from the popular cartoon. It includes a bath mat that changes color with warm water, bringing excitement to bath time. The bath mat has a textured top and non-skid suction cups for your child’s safety, and its surface is easy to clean afterward.

In addition to the bath mat, this set includes five foam clings based on Paw Patrol characters that stick to a tub surface when it’s wet, and two floating bath squirters…because the little ones love toys that squirt water in the bathtub!

Best of all for parents, when bath time is over, the bath toy organizer makes for easy storage; it’s got a mesh screen for drainage to let the toys dry, and the removable suction cup characters allow for easy removal of the organizer. The organizer is great for saving space in your bathroom while storing Paw Patrol bath toys.

The Paw Patrol Bath Set is just one of many bath and potty training toy sets featuring your child’s favorite Nickelodeon and Disney characters. Click here to see more about how Kids Potty Seats can help make bath time and potty time more fun for your child, and easier for you.

Kids Potty Seats is a division of Ginsey Home Solutions, where we’ve been turning fashion into function for over fifty years. Order the Paw Patrol Bath Set online here, or find it at your favorite retail stores, including Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and more. Help make bath time fun time!

Paw Patrol Inflatable Safety Bathtub

Paw Patrol Inflatable Safety Bathtub

Paw Patrol Inflatable Safety Bathtub

As a parent, you know bath time isn’t the easiest thing with babies and toddlers…so make it something they look forward to with the Paw Patrol Inflatable Safety Bathtub! This colorful, inflatable and cushioned bathtub is a Nickelodeon licensed product, and it features your little one’s favorite characters from the popular cartoon. Your child will love the new tub, and you’ll love the peace of mind and safety with this easy to use bath product.

This inflatable bathtub from Kids Potty Seats is equipped with all of the bathing basics to make safe bathing a snap…a supportive back and head rest for easy hair washing, a ribbed bottom to prevent slips, and large storage pockets for soap and shampoo. It’s made with a soft and comfortable cushioned material, and features an easy to read water temperature display to keep your child comfortable. Once your child’s bath is over, air drying is a snap with the included suction cup.

Best of all, this comfortable and colorful bathtub is easily deflated and stored; take it with you on family trips and your child can enjoy bath time anywhere!

The Paw Patrol Inflatable Safety Bathtub is a winner of the 2011 Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center. The award is given to products that meet standards of both parents and children after thorough examinations from volunteers. It’s just one of many bath products available from Kids Potty Seats…click here to see more affordable and fun bath products for the kids.

Kids Potty Seats is owned by Ginsey Home Solutions. At Ginsey, we’ve been turning fashion into function for over half a century. You can order our products safely from this website or find them in many national retail stores, including Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many more.

Make bath time fun time with the Paw Patrol Inflatable Safety Bathtub!

Playtex Cushioned Kids Potty Seat

Playtex Cushioned Kids Potty SeatThe Playtex cushioned kids potty seat is ideal for parents looking to train their toddler on the adult toilet, or for taking their potty training little one on the go. It is a contoured, cushioned and comfortable potty ring that fits snugly on nearly any adult seat, with soft grips along the base to hold the seat in place. This potty ring is also air-filled, offering maximum comfort for your little one.

As a parent, you know that one of the great challenges of potty training is traveling…children will often suddenly have a need to go while in the vehicle, and you’re at the mercy of wherever there is a usable toilet. Often this is in a restaurant or gas station that might not be the cleanest place, and doesn’t feature small potties or comfortable seats for your child to go.

With the affordable and convenient Playtex cushioned kids potty seat, you needn’t worry about any of these things. Simply bring it along and you’re ready for nearly any situation…from having a clean, safe and comfortable seat for your child to easy cleanup afterward. The potty seat has a splash guard to protect from accidents, and it’s easily inflated from the rear of the potty for an air-filled cushion. It easily handles any 18-month child or younger and can handle weight of up to 50 lbs.

It works great at home too…no need to hold on to your child and help them keep their balance, and fewer messes afterward from being on the seat improperly.

All of this at an easily affordable price! Order the Playtex cushioned kids potty seat directly from this website, or find it at one of our many retailers today, and take one less concern away from the challenges potty training.

Don’t forget to have a look at more potty training solutions here…at Ginsey Home Solutions, we turn fashion into function!

Potty Genie

potty genieFor a potty training solution for your growing toddler, order the Ginsey Home Solutions Potty Genie! The Potty Genie is a 3-in-1 potty trainer tool that features a liner system, and it’s perfect for parents with children who are growing quickly and still mastering the potty training technique.

This advanced potty training seat features a potty liner dispenser system that locks disposable scented liners in the bowl before each use. The liner sits in the antimicrobial bowl and is held in place by the protective lid, enabling you to clean up the mess easily and quickly afterward. Just pull out a liner from the dispenser, place it in the bowl, let your child do their business, remove the liner and dispose of it. It’s easy as can be for both children and parents.

The Potty Genie is ideal for toddlers that will soon be big enough to use the adult toilet, and when they’re ready to make the switch, just remove the potty ring and place it onto the toilet. Then use the base as a non-skip step stool, and your child will be easily able to adjust to using a bathroom toilet.

This one sturdy and effective tool will help your child make a smooth transition from potty seats to toilet use, all without your having to spend more money on potty seats and equipment. It’s also great for families on the go; the disposable liners and easily cleaned messes make it simple for both children and parents anywhere.

If your child is getting the hang of potty training and will soon be ready to move up to the big person’s toilet, the Potty Genie is the perfect tool to help them along. And it’s available today from; order yours today and make the transition easier, both for you and your child.