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Kid's Potty SeatsWe are proud to announce the launch of This Website is dedicated to information related to kid’s potty seats and potty training accessories. We are happy to help parents with their little ones budding new rite of passage. While adventurous and exciting, it can also present its challenges. Clean ups, a lapse in communication, and frustrations are going to be the pit stops you make on the way to independence. Our site will offer advice, articles, and offerings for parents who may find themselves looking for input on their little ones outputs. This site will be addressing all of your questions and concerns related to:

Founded in 1952, Ginsey is a manufacturer and distributor of pet, juvenile and adult home furnishings & accessories -turning fashion into function. We are focused on the interpretation of practical everyday home products with a blend of style. We are proud to represent some of the biggest names in children’s products.  Ginsey represents renowned licenses such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Rubbermaid, Sesame Street, and Graco.

As the leading manufacturer of potty seats for kids we know a thing or two about what designs are the most popular. As parents of kids ourselves we know even more about what potty seats work best to potty train your children. Be sure to check back often as we will be updating this site frequently.


Kids Potty Seats for Boys

air-pottyKids Potty Seats are not all created alike. In fact we have a number of kids potty seats for boys that actually work better for their “unique” style. Here are the factors that make potty seats for boys different than potty seats for girls:

  1. On average most boys lag behind girls when it comes to potty training.
  2. The average boy potty training boy is larger in size than the average girl.
  3. Boys stand when they pee.
  4. Boys make more of a mess.

I have two sons myself and I know these factors to be true. That is why I found that a step stool and a larger kids potty seat work best for potty training little boys. Boys aren’t going to sit to pee so having them stand at the toilet on a stool seemed to work the best. Poop was a completely different story. It was easy to get my boys to pee in the toilet (the yard and any place else) but they were slow to adapt to going #2 on the potty. We tried potty chairs but they were simply too big for them so we went to a large air cushioned kids potty seat from Ginsey. It worked like a charm! Boys are just tiny men. They love to be comfortable. Air cushioned potty training seats are perfect for kids potty seats for boys.

For more information to help your little guys, click here!


Tinkle Targets Cut Down On Messes

Tinkle Targets Cut Down On Messes

The business of potty training can be messy enough, even when your child reaches the point of knowing what to do. Tinkle targets cut down on messes, by giving your child a reason to improve his aim! The Ginsey Home Solutions set of tinkle targets includes two packages, with 15 targets in each package full of colorful pictures of racecars, trucks, rockets and more!

At, we’re well aware of the difficulties that you as a parent experience with potty training, and it can be particularly difficult with young boys who are going through their “independent” stage and resisting parental instruction. We offer a full line of products to make life easier for you, and to make the experience of potty training fun and rewarding for your child.

Our tinkle targets are an excellent potty training aid, because they make the business of going to the potty something your child looks forward to. They are flushable, so once they’re easily placed into the potty, your work as a parent is done. With a total of 30 targets in each package, you can arrange rewards for your child and choose from a mixed variety of tinkle targets. All at a very low price!

Tinkle targets are one of the many solutions we offer to help parents with the challenges of potty training. Our tinkle targets cut down on messes, and they encourage your child to improve his skills going to the potty. For more potty training solutions including seats, step stools, flush handles and rewards stickers, check out our selection here!

The package of tinkle targets is available online or at any of our fine retail outlets. Order your inexpensive set today and make the potty training experience more exciting and fun for you and your child. At Ginsey Home Solutions, we turn fashion into function!

Potty Training Tools For Any Age

Potty Training Tools For Any Age

No matter what stage of potty training your child is in, offers potty training tools for any age. Our wide selection of potty seats, step stools, reward stickers, and other accessories, designed with your child’s favorite cartoon characters, will help make the business of potty training more fun for your child and easier for you.

In the early stages of the potty training adventure, your little one is likely to need something to shrink the toilet seat area, especially when you are on the go. Try one of our folding potty seats…choose from a variety that includes Minnie Mouse, Peppa Pig or Sesame Street characters! Or use one of our safe potty rings, including this flexible one that fits over any toilet seat.

If the business of potty training is a challenge…and it usually is…try motivating your toddler through reward stickers! In our accessories section, you can choose from inexpensive reward stickers featuring characters from Paw Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more. You can also order accessories that make the potty adventure something your child looks forward to, including toilet handles and tinkle targets.

Your child may need help climbing onto the potty as well, and we offer several durable, non-slip, and colorful step stools, many of them also featuring Disney, Sesame Street and Nickelodeon cartoon favorites. Once your child is making progress and improving at the task, try one of our 3-in-1 trainers that are adjustable to your child’s growth. provides well-designed, safe, and affordable potty training tools for any age, and our products are available both online or at your favorite retail stores. Make the business of potty training easier and more fun for your little one…order one or more of our helpful potty training tools with your child’s favorite cartoon characters today! is a division of Ginsey Home Solutions, a company that has been turning fashion into function since 1952.

Potty Training Can Be Fun for Kids and Adults

Potty Training Can Be Fun for Kids and AdultsEvery parent knows that the business of potty training a toddler can be a real challenge, and any tool or accessory that makes things easier will help. At Kids Potty Seats, we truly believe potty training can be fun for kids and adults. We offer a wide variety of products that make your child look forward to their next successful “go”, and also make life so much easier for you.

Kids Potty Seats offers a selection of cushioned, durable seat covers and step stools that feature your kids’ favorite cartoon characters…including Sesame Street characters, Disney princesses, and characters from Nickelodeon shows such as Paw Patrol. Your child will look forward to seeing their heroes when they go to the potty, and you’ll love the easy to clean design and transportability of all of these items.

Kids learn best through rewards, and letting them flush the toilet with the Disney-adorned door handle and giving them a Sesame Street reward sticker afterward will encourage them to master the technique. Or when little boys start going while standing, give them a set of tinkle targets to make the experience more fun. If your child is a big fan of a show, why not give them a deluxe potty set for their training?

While the experience can definitely have its challenges, potty training can be fun for kids and adults, especially when your child has a reason to do their business and can look forward to a reward. Kids Potty Seats products are inexpensive, durable, and easily transported, and can make a successful trip to the potty something parents look forward to too.

Visit this page to view all of our potty training products and accessories, with everything from potty seats to flush handles to reward stickers and more. Make potty training something fun for both you and your child!